Warsaw Traditional Dinner

Warsaw Traditional Dinner provides gorgeous grilled dumplings and a round of cold beers in a smart, central location.

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2 hour table reservation
1 course dinner (traditional Polish Pierogi)
1 beer each
Professional, local guide

Rather than leaving your meal requirements to chance once you’re there, booking a Traditional Warsaw Dinner ensures Polish Pierogi for all and one less item to worry about.

For the price of a lap dance, you get Pierogi, which are traditional grilled dumplings and a very tasty way of dining cheaply before your big night ahead. A round of beers is also included.

The restaurant is central and you will have the company of one of our excellent, local guides. Warsaw Traditional Dinner is a smart way to put tasty food in everyone’s mouths at a very reasonable price.

Small print

Activity Duration 2.5 hours
Group Size Minimum 6 people
Seasonality All year
Venue Central Warsaw