Warsaw Vodka Bar Crawl

Order a Warsaw Vodka Bar Crawl to make maximum use of your Stag’s first night. Includes local guide and 5 vodka shots.

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Home Destinations Warsaw Warsaw Vodka Bar Crawl
Private guided tour
Minimum 3 pubs
5 vodka shots each
Professional, local guide

Your Warsaw Vodka Bar Crawl gives you 5 vodka shots, a friendly local guide and a great way to check out some of the best pubs on your big first night.

Wasting time on your Stag trip is not an option, so let our guides show you where’s best to go whilst supplying you with lethal vodka at the same time.

As well as covering some great party venues, your guide will give you lots of useful information on where to go the next night, plus tips on clubs or where to eat.