Ljubljana Go Karting

Ljubljana Go Karting delivers speedy race once the green light flashes. Who is going to be the fastest at the finish line?

Belgrade Go Karting

Belgrade Go Karting delivers 20 minutes of a pulsating race per each lad. Will you have mercy for the stag?

Zagreb Outdoor Go Karting

Test your driving skills on an outdoor track of the Zagreb Outdoor Go Karting venue. The best track in the city.

Zagreb Indoor Go Karting

The smell of burning tires and boiling motor oil on the Zagreb Indoor Go Karting track will challenge you to race.

Amsterdam Extreme Go Karting

Become a part of the exclusive private go-kart event, win the race, get a trophy and pop champagne on your behalf.

Amsterdam Go Karting Grand

Just 30 minutes from Amsterdam is Europe’s largest indoor karting venue where you can privately race with your lads.

Amsterdam Go Karting

Fast speed, the smell of a gas and burning rubber – this all is part of the Amsterdam Go Karting. Can you beat the others?

Bratislava Go Karting Outdoor

Race wheel-to-wheel in a heated battle against your stag opponents in Bratislava Go Karting Outdoor venue.