Prague M16 Shooting

Prague M16 Shooting is a real gun experience with a professional instructor at a top-quality shooting range.

Prague Kalashnikov Shooting

Prague Kalashnikov Shooting brings an excitement to any group. Take a chance to shoot real guns at a shooting range.

Prague Laser Tag

Prague Laser Tag is a shooting game in a dark room with light effects. Shoot the other team with a laser weapon.

Ljubljana Shotgun Shooting

Ljubljana Shotgun Shooting is a real-gun experience delivered with a strong recoil and a pump-action shotgun.

Ljubljana Handguns Shooting Plus

Ljubljana Handguns Shooting Plus is a chance to shoot real bullets from real guns with a professional instructor.

Ljubljana Handguns Shooting

Ljubljana Handguns Shooting is a unique opportunity to fire real guns without any shooting licence.

Belgrade Laser Tag

Belgrade Laser Tag is a bruise-free futuristic shooting game that will put your group together.

Belgrade Handguns Shooting

Belgrade Handguns Shooting at a professional shooting range with an instructor. 4 guns and 32 bullets per person.

Belgrade Shotgun Shooting

Belgrade Shotgun Shooting with a professional instructor. Try out 3 different guns loaded together with 30 bullets.

Belgrade Pistol Shooting

Belgrade Pistol Shooting is an opportunity to shoot the Italian Beretta pistol with a guidance of a trained instructor.