Croatia’s capital is right place for great parties. Our Zagreb Stag Does also include rafting, tandem skydiving, sports, tasting of local rakija & safe striptease club experience.


Rotterdam is a modern and diverse city with an extravagant nightlife ideal for your stag. From beaches to skyscrapers this is Amsterdam’s more affordable cousin.


Munich is world famous for its foaming Steins of beer, legendary nightlife and history. Stag groups can expect busy beerhalls, delicious cuisine and awesome clubs.


Tenerife with warm weather all year round and plenty of local beach clubs, nightclubs & boat parties is the perfect tropical destination for your Stag.


Sofia is where East meets West in a unique city of contrasting qualities. Any Stag party looking for an affordable location in Eastern Europe would do well to consider Bulgaria’s pulsating capital.


Cologne is a compact, picturesque and welcoming city for any Stag groups keen on quality beer and banter. This location is well worth considering, for its people, its nightlife and its bierkellers.


Gdansk is a fantastic beachy summer location that attracts tourists from all over Europe, and it provides a touch of class for any Stag group looking to celebrate in a memorable destination.


Dusseldorf is paradise for beer drinkers, a welcoming city that is tailor made for Stag parties. The (central) Altstadt has an enormous number of beerhalls, and the quality of the beer is exceptional!


Wroclaw is Polish gem of a Stag weekend location, and one that is able to boast cheaper drinks prices than most despite becoming better known over recent years.


Like the glorious, locally-brewed beer you will quaff when you’re there, Stuttgart is cool and refreshing. This is a Stag location with exactly the right ingredients to keep the party flowing.