Few countries specialise in providing perfect Stag locations like Poland, and Poznan stag weekends are another cracker of a choice in this party-mad nation of spectacular women and breathtaking vodka.


Frankfurt is a sexy, exciting and party-minded German location. Whether your group are looking for bars and beer, clubs and girls, or food and adrenaline, this is a winner every time.


Sink your teeth into Bucharest, consistently one of our top selling Stag locations. Enjoy wild nights in the lively downtown centre, and choose from a fantastic menu of Bucharest stag group activities.


Hamburg is pure, unadulterated Stag heaven, easily one of our biggest selling locations. Mix a dash of Amsterdam with a shot of Prague, and lace the mix with unbeatable German beer and hospitality.


Highlight among Eastern European destinations for its compact city centre with all the nightlife spots & for activities like real-gun shooting, white-water rafting & bridge bungee swinging.