A Shot To The Gut

A Shot To The Gut “It’s just an instant gut reaction”, sang Jamiroqaui. When it comes to potent shots of alcohol, we couldn’t put it any better. All too often, it’s the tipping point of the evening. That moment when your face takes a few seconds to catch up with the Armageddon going in inside … Continued

Great Stags You Had To Miss For Annoying Reasons

“As flies to wanton boys are we to the Gods. They kill us for their sport” (The Tempest) It is impossible to overstate just how much we look forward to Stag weekends. We save up hard-earned cash all year and stomach the many irritant aspects of modern day life with the consolation of that faraway … Continued

How To Make The Locals Smile

Putting a smile on the faces of locals during your Stag weekend requires very little effort, and it makes all the difference to those pulling your pints, serving your breakfast or listening to your unique brand of charm while waiting in a nightclub toilet queue at 3am. Here are some easy-to-remember, quickfire words and colloquialisms … Continued

Mental Things To Do On A Stag

When the writer of this blog took his first tentative steps in the Stag and Hen industry back in 2004, an email from a bespoke-events outfit in the Baltics caught my attention, and went on to form the basis of this piece 14 years later. It was a reply to my request for “unusual” events … Continued