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Highlight among Eastern European destinations for its compact city centre with all the nightlife spots & for activities like real-gun shooting, white-water rafting & bridge bungee swinging.

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Bratislava Stag Guide

Bratislava stag parties offer great value for money with cheap beer in downtown bars & highlight activities like the Kalashnikov Shooting, Rafting & Mud Wrestling.

The very compact downtown offers everything in walking distance. Visit in summer to enjoy the outdoor bars & restaurants or plan your stag do in winter to play curling or visit hot spa.

General rating: Average to Cheap
Currency: Euro
Aproximate prices: Beer from € 1,00 to € 3,50
Avg Summer Temp 18 °C
Avg Winter Temp 4 °C Rainfall Snowfall
Getting around
Most of our Bratislava stag weekenders spend their evenings & nights in the historical Old Town, where the best pubs & clubs. For getting to day-activities we will arrange private minibus transfers, so you don't have to worry.
The real Bratislava nightlife happens on Friday and Saturday in the city centre. We recommend the Obchodná street with its teenager-bars if you are after cheap drinks, but more classy places are in the heart of historical Old Town. All the good dance clubs & strip clubs are directly in the Old Town or within 5 minutes taxi ride (15 minutes walk).
Although most taxi drivers are fair guys, you better take care on the rates written on the door of each vehicle. Typical fair taxi ride costs around 4 EUR if it is around city centre and up to 10 EUR for more distant places. Uber & it's local competition called Hopin are best way on how to order a fair taxi.
Wine & beer & spirits tend to be equally popular among local Slovaks. Should you want to go after local taste, we recommend the Urpiner beer, as well as Zlaty Bazant (made by Heineken) & Czech made Pilsner Urquel and Budweisser. The best local wines are whites and some roses. For spirits you may go for slivovica (plum brandy), demänovka (the bitter version is similar to Jagermeister) or if you are more adventurous then you can try TatraTea (available from 22% to 82% alcohol share).
•the capital of Slovakia
•433 000 citizens (660 000 citizens in metro area)
•elevation 126 m - 514 m
•Central European Time Zone (UTC+1)

•official language Slovak
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