Porto Stag Weekends

Portugal’s second biggest city is amazing stag do destination. From surfing in the ocean to the delicious tapas, splendid party-life & world-famous Port wine, Porto has it all.

Porto Stag Guide

If you are a wine-lover you are going to love this city, where one of the world’s most famous wines originates. But sipping tasty Port wine under the Portuguese Sun is not the only thing you can do on your Stag here.

The city is full of opportunities for adrenaline-pumping activities. The city’s location allows for warm weather for most of the year meaning that outdoor & water activities are always a good option. From rafting to surfing there is a large variety to choose from.

But the real excitement only really starts after the sun has set. Although Porto’s nightlife is not as widely known as its wine, it is very busy. Especially the area around Avenida de los Aliados is brimming with opportunities for late-night fun.

• the second largest city of Portugal
• 230 000 citizens (1.7 mil citizens in metro area)
• elevation: 103 m
• Western European Time Zone (UTC)
• official language: Portuguese
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