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Stag Weekend Destinations

Choosing your location is one of the most vital parts of the whole Stag process, and one for which you need clear, practical and up-to-date information to help you make decision on behalf of your group. It may come down to which flight connections suit everyone best, the choice of activities available to you, the prices of drinks and entertainment, or a combination of all these factors and more.

Our experienced team of planning professionals have no agenda other than to help you choose the best destination and schedule for your party, and we will give you all the important background information, flight choices and package options to assist you in making the right choice.

Without swamping you with details, we will provide everything you need to help steer you in the right direction from the moment you first enquire to the feedback email we send once you get home after the trip.

The menu of destinations we have to offer is growing all the time, with exciting new cities and
experiences opening up to you every year. We only offer locations which we have tested out and
visited ourselves, and where we know there is a dedicated support team to assist you in having as good a time as possible when the date rolls around.

Every Stag party is unique, with its own tastes, criteria, budgets and likes, and whether you choose Bratislava, Dusseldorf, Split or Barcelona, part of our job is giving you the best advice on the market to make the decision as informed and stress-free as possible.

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