Khev from the Netherlands, Bratislava, APR 2018

StagForYou have an amazing team who went above and beyond to ensure that our stag group had an amazing time in Brats…

- Khev from the Netherlands, Bratislava, APR 2018


Apologies for the late reply, I was still getting over the drunkard nights and fab time from Brats.

Our Group Overall Comments (maybe for your website or overall impression).

StagForYou have an amazing team who went above and beyond to ensure that our stag group had an amazing time in Brats. Both Richard and Alica have been splendid during the pre-stag booking and have always been prompt on response and very very accommodating on changes.

We were very happy with the activities booked and I would highly recommend Airsoft and its location. Top fun. The Limo that we booked as well was on time and had a great driver!

…We had a smashing time at ‘THE CLUB’ on saturday and would highly recommend as they have a real good crowd and mix of music is good. Timea is a great guide, she has a good knowledge of Bratislava and was fun to be with. She also was very prompt and adaptable to our last minute change of plans and locations.

Great fun and we thank the whole STAGFORYOU team for an amazing time in Bratislava. Defo will book through them again.

My personal Opinion (constructive feedback):

– Alica/Richard, amazing and prompt on responses.
– Communications were professional and proficiency were great
– Great amount of details and always happy to help
– Airsoft location and personel were great…welcoming and friendly ( we had worst in the past ). I would recommend this company any day
– Limo company was great and driver was very nice, I would highly recommend them again.
– the CLUB on a saturday defo a good scene for Brits as it had a great mix of music (usually we prefer rnb, and there were enough to keep the vibes). We actually managed to seal a last minute table thanks to TIMEA & CAROLINA, so kudos to them.
– TIMEA as a guide is very friendly. We had a lot of changes which we made last minute. She was accommodating and had good knowledge of the clubs and locations. However, not everyone in the team had a good chemistry with the guide. A lot of us warmed up to her on the final evening.

– GREAT on a saturday is just a very pricey place and I would not recommend for a great fun night out. It is a pretentious club where its all eye candy on the biggest MOET bottle, so very superficial. Maybe very selective crowd
– TIMEA is a a great guide, but sometimes can be shy off to make decisions or recommendation based on big groups. Maybe sometimes she just need to communicate her thoughts more often as she has a great knowledge of good/bad places in Brats…and can influence good decisions on groups unfamiliar with Bratislava. It helps to build a better chemistry with guides when they recommend per experience. I would expect her to mingle a little bit more 🙂 (not criticism)
– Angel is a disappointing joint. In 2016 we went to Moulin Rouge and it was great.
– Maybe best to let other night life goers that sunday evening is a dead day in Brats as everything closes early (in spring times).

Overall, Richard, I would like to thank you and your team for making our trip in Brats memorable. Special thanks to Veronika as well to have linked us in.

Hope we can use StagForYou again in the future.

Kind Regards,
Khev & Crew.