TEST Stefano from Italy, Bucharest, November 2017

Toto pole by sa malo zobrazovať nad bielym pásom.


- TEST Stefano from Italy, Bucharest, November 2017

Hi Cristina,
We just came back to Italy, and I want to congratulate with you for you organisation. Everybody in the group was happy with your services.
Specifically, here my personal opinion :
Friday, transfer: The blonde guide was almost useless, she just got the money but didn’t add any value to your service. She barely spoke 10 words in total, and let the driver do all the work, driving and explaining something about the city.
Friday evening : your guide Claudia was really super. She is very good in cheering with the guys. About the strip club, we were there a bit to early. After 30 minutes waiting, still no girl was giving some show and no one was approaching, just the lady of the drinks was pushing us to order more and more drinks. We were really planning to go away when the first show started, and after that everything went perfectly.
Sunday afternoon, transfer: claudia confirmed to be great, joking and flirting with everyone. The stripper was really nice and good. Maybe the van on both transfers were a little old, but c’est la vie..!
No doubt I will suggest your services in case of need!
Greets from Italy